JVAW50 Wireless Display HDMI™ & USB™ Extender

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  • About This Product

      The JVAW50 HDMI™ over Wireless Extender includes a transmitter and receiver kit. It can send a high definition video and audio signal to an HDMI™ enabled TV set, projector or LCD PC monitor display device with receiver distance up to 60 meters and nearly zero latency.

      Users can extend other HDMI™ sources, including DVD players, Blu-ray™ players, PCs, notebooks and gaming machines (ex. Sony® PS4®, Nintendo Switch™). The JVAW50 is fully HDCP compliant via HDMI™, supporting resolutions up to 1080p and stereo digital audio. The extender also supports the transfer of IR remote control signals to the receiver side.


      Basic product functions and application scenarios: converts the passage of the HDMI™ or IR signal into a wireless signal, converting it into a flexible means of transmission and reception. It addresses the issue of the TV being too far away from the host by eliminating the need for wires, allowing the TV to be moved outdoors for long distance use.

      During meetings, projectors or large touch screens mounted high above can also be used to create a wireless conference room and/or a wireless media environment.


      • • Wireless 5G: Stable connection, high quality, and low latency under 60 ms
      • • Antenna 5 dB 2 x 2: Longer distance up to 200 ft (60m)
      • • Supports the transfer of IR remote control signals
      • • Supports 480p/576p/720p/1080p/480i/576i/720i/1080i
      • • Supports 1080p HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 
      • • A flexible audio/video solution for conference rooms (when sharing ideas and data), digital signage (extending the distances between displays) and other applications
      • • Compatible with PS4® and Nintendo Switch™ game systems, Blu-ray™ players, set-top boxes and more
      • • Supports USB™ 2.0 wireless extender unit (works with USB™ keyboards and mice) 

  • JVAW50 Support

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  • JVAW50 Specifications

    • Warranty

      2 year

      Input / Output

      HDMI™ Connector

      Type-A 19-pin female input x1

      Power Supply

      DC jack 3.5 mm


      LED x1 (with 3 colors)

      Red: Power on

      Orange: Waiting for pairing 

      Green: TX / RX pairing completed

      Red flashing light : TX / RX pairing


      Enclosure Type


      Enclosure Color


      Enclosure Dimensions

      (W x D x H)

      135 x 76 x 33.5 mm

      Product Weight


      Power Supply 

      Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0.4A

      Output: 5V DC, 2A, 10W

      Power Consumption

      5V DC, 6.5W

      Operational Environment 

      Operational Temperature

      +32 to +104°F (0 to +40°C)

      Storage Temperature

      -40 to +158 °F (-40 to +70 °C)

      Relative Humidity

      20% to 80% RH, noncondensing

      Regulatory Compliance

      CE, FCC, RCM, UL, VCCI

      Complies with the appropriate requirements of RoHS, WEEE


      HDMI Compliance

      HDMI v1.3

      HDCP Compliance

      HDCP 1.2

      Video Impedance

      100 Ω

      HDMI Audio Formats

      Stereo digital audio

      Video Resolution

      Input Resolution Range:

      640x480 to1600x1200 and 1920x1080, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p @ 60/50Hz

      Output Resolution Range:

      - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1280x1024, 1360x768, 1366x768, 1400x1050, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080

      - HDTV 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 480i, 576i, 720i, 1080i

      Wireless Frequency Range

      IEEE 802.11ac (5 GHz Band I, Band IV, CE only Band I)

      Wireless Channel Bandwidth

      20 MHz or 40 MHz or 80 MHz

      RF Output Power

      +15 dBm +/-1 dBm


      Up to 60 meters

      Antenna Type

      Dual external antenna (+5 dBi)


      128/256 bit AES based encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol to protect data.

      IR Return Frequency

      30 - 60 kHz

      ESD Protection

      Human body model:

      air-gap discharge: ±8 kv

      contact discharge: ±4 kv

      OVP Protection

      Voltage protection up to DC 20 volts

      Package Contents
      • • 1 x JVAW50 TX /1 x JVAW53 RX
      • • 1 x IR blaster cable /1 x IR receiver cable 
      • • 2 x 5VDC/2A adapter
      • • 1 x HDMI™ cable (100 cm)
      • • 1 x USB™ Micro-B (100 cm)
      • • 1 x Quick Installation Guide


Broadcast Wirelessly

Connect and project your screen wirelessly onto an HDTV or HDMI™ display up to 200 feet away.


Effortlessly Control Remote Devices

The additional USB™ port gives you the ability to remotely access the connected interactive display or USB™ devices such as keyboards and mice.


5G Wireless Technology

Provides a reliable connection while reducing the interference between other wireless devices.


Plug and Play

TRANSMITTER: For all HDMI™-enabled devices

RECEIVER: For all HDMI™-enabled TVs or displays


Antenna 5 dB, AC 2 x 2: Ultra-Low Latency with a Broad Wireless Range

Extend HDMI™ audio/video signals up to 200 ft. (60m) with nearly zero delays (less than 0.06s/60 ms).


Full HD 1080p Resolution

This HDMI™ extender is in compliance with HDMI™ 1.3, HDCP 1.2, and supports resolutions up to 1080p @ 60hz


IR Pass-Through Technology

With its built-in infrared signal, the IR extender cable lets you remotely control your source device with its original remote (play, pause, fast forward, etc.) at the display's location.



The Wireless Display HDMI™ Extender gives you the ability to wirelessly watch videos from your device on your display, offering ultimate flexibility when it comes to placing your source device and display wherever you prefer.

Living Room


Meeting Room


JVAW50TX Wireless Display HDMI™ & Extender

1. USB™ Micro-B to host
2. Pair
3. IR out
4. HDMI™ in
5. DC 5V
6. Security lock slot
7. Wireless and power status indicator
Red: power on
Orange: system booting
Green: system ready


JVAW50RX Wireless Display HDMI™ Extender

1. 2- USB™ 2.0 Type-A, works with a keyboard and mouse.
2. Pair
3. IR in
4. HDMI™ out
5. DC 5V
6. Security lock slot 7. Wireless and power status indicator
Red: power on
Orange: system booting
Green: system ready