360° All Around Webcam (Model: JVCU360 )

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  • About This Product

      Enhance your conference calls with the 360° All Around Webcam. This all-in-one virtual meeting device combines HD video with business-grade audio clarity, to help run your video conferences smoothly. This high-definition, plug-and-play webcam, is ideal for any space. Capture a 360° panoramic view of the room or focus on specific presenters with the various display modes. The 360° All Around Webcam is equipped with a USB-C® cable and a USB™ Type-A connector to work with both your older and newer devices.

      For the best image quality, we recommend downloading the JVCU360 firmware update from our downloads page which you can navigate to by clicking here.

      Key Features
      • • 360° video conferencing camera
      • • Built-in omnidirectional microphone
      • • Six display modes deliver exceptional viewing angles with flexibility and versatility
      • • Adjustable fields of view
      • • Full HD 1080p video playback @ 30 Hz
      • • USB™ UVC plug-and-play
      • • Touch bar to specify participants’ location
      • • Built-in reverse feature to flip mirrored image
      • • Wide Compatibility: Zoom™, Facebook™ Messenger, Skype™, Microsoft Teams™, etc.

  • Support

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  • Specifications

    • System Requirements
      • • Available USB-C™ or USB™ Type-A port
      • • UVC 1.1 & UAC 1.0 support
      • • Windows® 10 / 8.1
      • • macOS® 10.14.11 or later with UVC support
      • • Chrome OS™ with UVC support
      • • Linux® (special configuration required)



      1-year limited warranty

      Host Connector

      USB-C® / USB™ 2.0 Type-A

      Image Sensor

      1/2.9” CMOS Sensor

      Shutter Style


      Privacy Cover



      UVC 1.1 & UAC

      Operating Voltage & Current

      DC5V/500 mA ±15 mA

      Mounting Style


      LED Indicator

      Red: Muted
      Blue: Power on


      Effective Pixels

      Full Screen Mode:
      1920(H) x 540(V)

      360° All Around View Mode:
      1920(H) x 720(V)

      Host Mode:
      1920(H) x 270(V), 1920(H) x 810(V)

      Dual Host Mode:
      1920(H) x 270(V), 960(H) x 810(V)

      Single View Mode:
      1920(H) x 1080(V)

      Wide Angle View Mode:
      120°(H), 88.6°


      2 million pixels (2MP)

      Output Format


      Frame Rate

      30 FPS

      Display Output Supported Resolutions

      1920 x 1080
      1280 x 720
      640 x 480 / 360

      Display FOV

      Full Screen Mode:
      2 - 180°(H), 53°(V)

      360° All Around View Mode:
      360°(H), 53°(V),

      Host Mode:
      360°(H) , 120°(H), 53°(V)

      Dual Host Mode:
      360°(H) , 60°(H), 53°(V)

      Single View Mode:
      90°(H), 58.5°(V)

      Wide Angle View Mode:
      120°(H), 88.6°

      Maximum Display Refresh Rate

      30 Hz


      Built-in omnidirectional microphone

      Physical Specifications


      White, Black

      Enclosure Type


      Lens Kit


      Cable Length

      9.84 ft. (300 cm)

      Product Height

      7.6 in. (19.3 cm)

      Product Width

      3.68 in. (9.35 cm)

      Product Depth

      1.46 in. (3.7 cm)

      Product Weight

      ≒12.35 oz (350g)

      Storage Temperature

      –4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

      Storage Humidity

      < 90% non-condensing

      Operating Temperature

      41°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)

      Operating Humidity

      < 90% non-condensing

      Package Contents
      • • 1 - JVCU360 360° All Around Webcam
      • • 1 - Quick Installation Guide




A Better Webcam for Better Video Calls

All-in-one virtual meeting device combines HD video with business-grade audio clarity.


360° Camera in HD 1080p

360° camera gives you the ability to capture every person in the room with clarity.


Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone

With an audio pickup radius of 10 feet, every participant can be heard.


Ultra-Wide Angle Lens with Six Display Modes

In addition to the generously wide field of view that the ultra-wide angle lens delivers, the versatile display modes provide a flexible and effective virtual meeting solution, whether it's for remote conferencing, online classes, socially distant events or personal meetings.

Click the arrows to cycle between the JVCU360 features


360° All Around Webcam


Touch Bar Control

Touch bar control is enabled in Host mode or Dual Host mode. Simply swipe on the touch bar to select the host or to control the viewing angle.


Reverse the Mirrored Video

Most video conferencing applications are designed to mirror the video calls by default. Instead of changing the settings, you can now reverse the mirrored video with the built-in reverse feature


USB™ Plug-and-Play

No driver required for Windows®, macOS®, or Chrome OS™ ! Simply connect the computer/laptop with the USB™ cable, and you're good to go. Equipped with a USB-C™ cable and a USB™ Type-A connector, the webcam works with both your older and newer devices.


Works with Your Favorite Video Conferencing Software

Compatible with BlueJeans™, Cisco®, GoToMeeting®, Google Meet™, Microsoft® Teams, Skype®, Slack™, Zoom™, and more.


Customize Your Webcam Settings

The Webcam Companion App is a free utility tool available for download. It gives you the ability to adjust various image settings and change display modes to suit your preferences.


Vertical 90° Rotation

10 ft. Cable with Interchangeable Connector


Adjustable Stand

Tripod-Compatible Screw


The Perfect Companion for Every Conversation


Remote Conferencing

Virtual Learning

Personal Meetings