JUA311 USB™ 3.0 to VGA Display Adapter

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  • About This Product

      • • Easily add an additional display through a USB 3.0 and VGA connection
      • • Video playback performs at 1080p HD with a resolution up to 2048 x 1152
      • • Add an additional monitor without adding an expensive, internal video card, avoiding complicated installation
      • • Hot swappable USB enables you to add or remove monitors without rebooting your system
      • • Move and view your large spreadsheets across two screens without overlapping windows
      • • Multitask with larger landscape/desktop space
      • • Ideal for viewing multiple windows at the same time
      • • Great for multitasking in a wide variety of fields including: call centers, stock markets, hospitals, graphic design, editing, accounting, etc.
      • • A must have for surfing the web and working on your email/Facebook/Twitter accounts all at the same time.

      The JUA311 USB to VGA Display Adapter acts as an external video card for your Mac® or PC. It allows you to add an additional monitor/display through your USB 3.0 port. No need to open up the computer to add an expensive video card, with the JUA311 you simply load the drivers, plug in the adapter to the USB port, then plug in the VGA monitor cable into the adapter and you are ready. It supports three viewing modes: Primary Mode allows you to have individual applications open on each monitor, vastly improving productivity; Extended Mode allows you to extend your desktop across multiple displays, great for spreadsheets; and Mirroring Mode is used to clone one screen onto another, ideal for presentations. With plug & play functionality between your computer and 2nd monitor or projector, you will be able to create a new visual environment in seconds.
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  • JUA311 Specifications

    • Interface

      Host Interface

      USB 3.0 Type-A Connector

      Video Interface

      VGA-DB 15 pin Female Connector


      Power Mode


      Power Consumption

      ≦ 500 mA

      Physical Specifications

      Housing Material



      Main body:
      2.13 (W) x 3.66 (H) x 0.55(D) inch
      5.4(W) x 9.3(H) x 1.4(D) cm
      Cable length:
      5.9 in. (15 cm)


      Approximately 0.15 lb (0.07 kg)


      System Requirements

      • Microsoft® Windows® 10 or later
      • macOS® 10.9 or later
      • Available USB 3.1 / 3.0 / 2.0 port (USB 3.1/3.0 recommended)

      Minimum System Requirements


      1 - 2 Displays

      3 - 4 Displays


      Intel®/AMD Dual Core 1.8 GHz or above

      Intel® Dual Core 1.8 GHz or above


      2 GB or higher

      4 GB or higher

      Full HD Video

      Requirements for playing video on the extended monitor
      CPU: Intel® i5 Quad Core 3.10 GHz or above
      RAM: 4 GB or higher

      Due to constant advancements in technology we, at j5create, make it a priority to give you the latest drivers available for our products. To ensure that your device is equipped with the most current driver, please visit our drivers page and install the latest driver for this model.

      Resolutions and Color Depth
      Aspect Ratio
      Color Depth
      Wide Screen Display
      2048 x 1152
      32 bits
      1920 x 1200
      32 bits
      1920 x 1080
      32 bits
      1680 x 1050
      32 bits
      1600 x 900
      32 bits
      1440 x 900
      32 bits
      1366 x 768
      32 bits
      1360 x 768
      32 bits
      1280 x 800
      32 bits
      1280 x 768
      32 bits
      1280 x 720
      32 bits
      Standard Display
      1600 x 1200
      32 bits
      1400 x 1050
      32 bits
      1280 x 1024
      32 bits
      1280 x 960
      32 bits
      1152 x 864
      32 bits
      1024 x 768
      32 bits
      800 x 600
      32 bits
      640 x 480
      32 bits

      Package Contents

      • JUA311 USB to VGA Display Adapter
      • Quick Installation Guide

      Special Notes

      • Driver installation is required for macOS® and Windows®. If the computer has network access and administrative rights, Windows® can automatically install the driver when the device is plugged in.

      • T O P •

  • Supports Full HD Video Resolutions
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity after software installation
  • Supports display resolution : 1920 X 1200 @ 32 bit
  • Add up to 4 adapters for multiple displays for office applications

  • Increase Efficiency
  • The easiest way to add a second display
  • Use up to 4 adapters simultaneously

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Compatible with both Mac® & Windows®

  • Fast Installation With a Simple USB Plug In
  • Simple plug-and-play function allows you to connect your computer to a second monitor or projector and within seconds create a new visual environment

  • High Quality
  • Durable aluminum finish

• T O P •

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