JCA365 USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter

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  • About This Product

      The JCA365 USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter acts as an external video card for your MacBook® or Windows® laptops. It allows you to add two additional displays through your USB-C® port, boosting your productivity by giving you more screen space to work from. One of the HDMI™ ports can output resolutions up to 4K, while the other can output resolutions up to 2048 x 1152.

      Simply install the driver for the USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter by plugging-in the adapter and then connect your monitors using HDMI™ cables for a dual-display workstation!


      • • Easily add two HDMI™ video outputs though a single USB-C® port
      • • Compatible with USB-C® enabled macOS® & Windows® laptops
      • • Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability
      • • 4 display modes: Mirror, Extend, Primary, or Rotation*
        *Rotation mode only available on Windows® computers
      • • Supports resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz & 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz
      • • Hot swappable USB™ enables you to add or remove monitors without rebooting your system
      • • USB™ 3.1 provides up to 5 Gbps transfer rate which is 10x faster than USB™ 2.0
      • • 2-channel audio support

  • JCA365 Support

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  • JCA365 Specifications

    • System Requirements
      • • Windows® 10 or later
        macOS® 10.14 or later
      • • Available USB-C® port
        USB™ 3.1/3.0 is required for 4K resolutions
      • • For Office applications/Web browsers:
        • ◦ CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 5th gen Dual Core 1.8 GHz
        • ◦ RAM: 4 GB memory or higher
      • • For 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz full-screen video playback:
        • ◦ CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 5th gen Quad Core
        • ◦ RAM: 4 GB memory or higher
      • • For one 4K or two 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz full-screen video playback:
        • ◦ CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 5th gen Quad Core
        • ◦ RAM: 8 GB memory or higher
        • ◦ GPU: Intel® HD Graphics 5xx or AMD™/ NVIDIA® equivalent or higher



      2 Year Limited

      Host Connector

      USB-C® 3.1 Male

      Video Output

      HDMI™ Female

      Power Source


      Audio Supported


      USB™ Pass-Through



      1 - HDMI™

      1 - 4K HDMI™


      Maximum Display Resolution

      3840 x 2160

      Maximum Display Refresh Rate

      4K @ 30 Hz

      2K @ 60 Hz

      Maximum Data Transfer Rate


      Displays Supported


      Wide Screen Supported


      Audio Channel

      2.1 via HDMI™


      Power Delivery


      Power Consumption

      ≤ 600 mA

      Physical Specifications



      Enclosure Type


      Cable Length

      7.87 in. (200 mm)

      Product Height

      2.4 in. (61 mm)

      Product Width

      2.68 in. (68 mm)

      Product Depth

      0.59 in. (15 mm)

      Product Weight

      2.96 oz (84g)

      Storage Temperature

      14 to 149°F (-10 to 65°C)

      Storage Humidity

      < 85% non-condensing

      Operation Temperature

      32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

      Operation Humidity

      < 85% non-condensing

      Special Notes

      • • Driver installation is required for macOS® and Windows®. If the computer has network access and administrative rights, Windows® can automatically install the driver when the device is plugged in.
      • • The adapter is not intended for graphic intensive applications, such as gaming
      • • A 4K-capable display is required for obtaining the 3840 x 2160 resolution
      • • The adapter can connect to a USB™ 2.0 port, but it will only support resolutions up to 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz
      • • Rotation mode is supported on Windows® only
      • • Only one adapter is supported per macOS® computer
      • • Content protected by HDCP may not play when connected to an unsupported display
      • • Internet access is required to automatically install the driver on Windows® 10
      • • To ensure that your device is equipped with the most current driver, please visit our website at j5create.com and install the latest driver for this model

      Package Contents

      • • 1 - USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter (JCA365)
      • • 1 - Quick Installation Guide (QIG)

Easily connect two monitors for better productivity

Enjoy 4K UHD Resolution

Supports displays with resolutions up to 4K for a clear visual experience

The USB-C® cable comes with a Type-A adapter for added compatibility

Supports 4 Display Modes

Mirror mode is used to clone one screen onto another, ideal for presentations. Extended mode allows you to extend your desktop across multiple displays, great for spreadsheets. Primary mode allows you to have individual applications open on each monitor, vastly improving productivity. Display Rotation allows you to view an image or report vertically, perfect for x-ray film.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with both Mac® & Windows®

Fast Installation

Simply install the driver and plug in the USB™ cable then it's ready to go

Made With a Durable, High Quality, Aluminum Shell

Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability